When FinnCaulfield was a kid, his step-father put a parental lockout on B.E.T. so he couldn't listen to hip hop music. That was a dumb parenting move because not only was it racist, but it also just made FinnCaulfeild seek-out and fall even deeper in love. Beatboxing and finger drumming soon followed. After high school he began exploring music production software and hardware. Then he discovered Prefuse73, which lead him to Warp's amazing early IDM/experimental roster. Not long after, he became hooked on Burial's Untrue album. It makes perfect sense, then, that the tunes FinnCaulfield creates has varying flavors of hip hop, IDM and future garage.

FinnCaulfied released music for years as 22tape. All that music has been taken down, but will be re-released along with new music on future albums.