Romantic notions on an empty stomach

Issac stared out of the window, light-headed from hunger and exasperated by love. He dreaded the end-of-the-line train ride, but as it pulled away from the first stop, a smile cracked as he gave-in to the thought of how nice it would be to cook dinner for a significant other, and how soup sounded good, and what was the new girl’s name at the office, and cream of broccoli was fairly filling, and she was cute but he wished he could find a recipe for a Girlfriend With Less Than Four Personalities, Five Tops Soup.

He wouldn’t mind it hot, but the chilled gazpacho sounded even better. Single-serving would be great too since he didn’t want to stick his spoon in it and have it freeze up and fall off. He wasn’t bothered if it took a while to prepare since the quick and easy recipes always tasted like shit.

He had tried the Five-Plus Personality Soups, but their recipes were as long as cookbooks and impossible to understand. One second he’d think he was making tomato bisque, but then the next second it would change to cream of mushroom. He always thought he was only making bowls for two, but it would end up making at least fifteen. Then, he’d have to worry about dealing with all the bags of soup in the freezer.

The train squealed in its approach to the second stop. Only thirty-three more.

Photo by Charlotte